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Tips to Prevent Data Loss

Author: Ara Pekel

How do you protect yourself from losing important data? Do you save your work as often as possible? Do you do backups? Here are a few effective tips on how to prevent data loss:

Backup your work
Backing up your work is simple thing to do: you can use USB’s, CD’s, or external drive, among others, to have a duplicate or backup of your work. Just in case your file was corrupted by whatever reason, you’re sure that you have a secured file stored. You can also try partitioning your hard drive into two: one for the operating system and some programs, while the second partition would be for backup. This way you won’t need to have a separate storage device while preventing data loss.

Use Antivirus and Antispyware Programs
Viruses, worms and spywares can delete, modify and corrupt your files. Right after installing programs on your computer, it is a must to install an antivirus and antispyware. Keep your antivirus updated so that it could be effective in preventing viruses. Always scan your computer using antispyware program because spywares could attack your files and give attackers access to it.

Use UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
Brownouts are unavoidable, so it is advantageous to use UPS. A sudden surge in current could corrupt your files as well as some programs on your computer. While in a middle of encoding your project, you could prevent data loss by using UPS. UPS, could allow you to properly save your work and shutdown your computer, which otherwise would cause files and programs to malfunction.

Don’t try to repair your computer if you’re not qualified to do it
If you think that you need to open up your computer because it needs repair, don’t attempt to do it unless you really know what you’re doing. Trying to solve the problem without assistance from a qualified professional could do more damage than good. You could lose not just data, but you could rupture the hardware inside. Or you could harm yourself from electric shock.

Don’t share your file with strangers
To protect yourself from data loss, never allow anybody you don’t know to access your important file. You’re never sure what they could do to it. They could steal your work, modify or delete it.

Don’t modify the registry of your Operating System
Unless you’re sure what you’re doing, never do changes to the registry. It could harm your operating system that could result in malfunction and loss of some important files.