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*Need of SEO to stay alive in online world

*Tips to Prevent Data Loss

*How to tell that your e-mail has been hacked?

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*Finding a Data Recovery Service Provider

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Need of SEO to stay alive in online world

Author: dci consultants

SEO stands for search engine optimization is a technique to enhance your website rank on all major search engines. A lot of SEO tools and methods are used to pick up the online rank. The role of search engine optimization is incredible in driving traffic of potential customers and increase brand awareness. This technique can be used to explore website design, content, videos, images and other components which are essential for high online rank.

Online rank is must in today’s competitive market place. There are millions of websites struggling to attract more and more customers with same products and services. If someone wants to survive in online market and earn handsome revenue, it is must to properly optimize the website.  You should defeat your competitors so that your target audiences can come to know about your products and services.

Without good online visibility, it is somehow next to possible to attain success in online business. So, if you have just started your online business, you should go for a reliable company which can help you to get high ranking. Go for SEO Montreal service provider to get preferred results. There are a lot of companies engaged in offering complete SEO packages. One just needs to choose a well-reputed and reliable one. Generally, the experts work on those keywords which are selected by the clients.

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It means you can choose the keywords according to your preference and reach to your target audiences. There is no need to spend much as this service is offered at quite attractive prices by most SEO service provider companies.  It is a small investment to get a lot of advantages. As most search engines regularly update and modify their algorithms so a company you are hiring should be able to deal with Referencement web Montreal.

Such SEO Montreal service provider makes use of numerous techniques and methods to maintain online rank of your website. A properly optimized website can attract a ton of potential customers that will ultimately increase the profit and sales.

The company you want to select should be packed with experienced and skilled experts who know how to avail benefits of Referencement web Montreal for your favor. Make sure the company is capable to provide both on-page and off-page SEO services according to your business type and industry. Once you find a right SEO company, you will surely attain high online success and profits.

Tips to Prevent Data Loss

Author: Ara Pekel

How do you protect yourself from losing important data? Do you save your work as often as possible? Do you do backups? Here are a few effective tips on how to prevent data loss:

Backup your work
Backing up your work is simple thing to do: you can use USB’s, CD’s, or external drive, among others, to have a duplicate or backup of your work. Just in case your file was corrupted by whatever reason, you’re sure that you have a secured file stored. You can also try partitioning your hard drive into two: one for the operating system and some programs, while the second partition would be for backup. This way you won’t need to have a separate storage device while preventing data loss.

Use Antivirus and Antispyware Programs
Viruses, worms and spywares can delete, modify and corrupt your files. Right after installing programs on your computer, it is a must to install an antivirus and antispyware. Keep your antivirus updated so that it could be effective in preventing viruses. Always scan your computer using antispyware program because spywares could attack your files and give attackers access to it.

Use UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
Brownouts are unavoidable, so it is advantageous to use UPS. A sudden surge in current could corrupt your files as well as some programs on your computer. While in a middle of encoding your project, you could prevent data loss by using UPS. UPS, could allow you to properly save your work and shutdown your computer, which otherwise would cause files and programs to malfunction.

Don’t try to repair your computer if you’re not qualified to do it
If you think that you need to open up your computer because it needs repair, don’t attempt to do it unless you really know what you’re doing. Trying to solve the problem without assistance from a qualified professional could do more damage than good. You could lose not just data, but you could rupture the hardware inside. Or you could harm yourself from electric shock.

Don’t share your file with strangers
To protect yourself from data loss, never allow anybody you don’t know to access your important file. You’re never sure what they could do to it. They could steal your work, modify or delete it.

Don’t modify the registry of your Operating System
Unless you’re sure what you’re doing, never do changes to the registry. It could harm your operating system that could result in malfunction and loss of some important files.

Property of RecoverMyPc

How to tell that your e-mail has been hacked?

Author: Brooke Perry

You may suspect that your e-mail account has been hacked when you can’t login to your account or you are getting undelivered or bounced messages for the e-mails you didn’t even send or the people on your e-mail contact list are complaining of receiving e-mails that wasn’t sent by you. There could only be one of the two reasons for this — a virus or a hacker. You should know that your e-mail account has been compromised when you see yourself facing any of the symptoms stated below.
When you receive Bounce Messages and Undelivered Notifications
The people who actually send spam mailers normally replace their genuine e-mail address with an e-mail address that they have randomly picked from the mailing address book or something that they have just made up arbitrarily.
So, in order to track down the real source of the e-mail check the ‘Reading Email Headers’ because some e-mailers don’t normally distinguish between the manually editable “From” ID and the genuine sender source. The best way to combat this is to simply delete the undelivered notifications and the messages that bounced back without clicking on any link mentioned in the e-mail.
Not able to login to your email account
If your e-mail service provider claims that the password that you have entered is invalid, there is a possibility that someone else has accessed it and changed your password. However, most e-mail service providers have an option of password recovery. If you ever feel that your e-mail account has been compromised, change your password to an immediate effect. Ensure that the alternate e-mail address that you have provided as a part of your password recovery is thoroughly active and regularly visited. Nevertheless, also make sure that the problem does not lie at your e-mail service provider’s end before hitting the panic button.

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Sent Items folder getting updated on its own
Often, some e-mail worm acts in a way that makes copies of itself and appear in the sent items folder of your e-mail. It is most likely to be an older version of a worm which can be removed easily, as the new-age malware normally doesn’t leave behind such obvious evidences. The best way to challenge this problem is to update your antivirus software and run a full scan on your PC on a regular basis.
When e-mail is sent to a recipient and cannot be traced back in the sent folder on Webmail
This happens when the hacker knows your e-mail username and password and sends spam and malicious e-mails to the people in your address book. They usually remove the traces from the sent items folder to avoid exposure. If you ever happen to face such a situation, change your password immediately as your e-mail ID is at the risk of being gravely misused. Also, make sure that you never share your username and password with anybody.
Recipients in your address book complaining about e-mails that you remember not sending
The recipients on your address book may be sending you angry responses for the spam they might receiving from you, and you clearly remember not having sent any such e-mail. You run a malware check on your PC and notify the e-mail service provider of the situation.
If you face any of the situations above, you should know that your e-mail account has been hacked or compromised. Take the necessary measures to rectify them or prevent them from happening in the first place by monitoring your account on a regular basis.

Top 5 Free Anti-Virus Software, Security Programs for Mac

Although Mac computers are the latest and trendiest computers nowadays with cool interface and features, they are is still vulnerable to a number of malware and other computer errors.

For that reason, it is important to avail antivirus software to get rid of these unwanted items on a Mac computer. Yet, in order to determine the exact program to employ in cleaning Mac, certain reviews on a number of antivirus software were solicited to help Mac user in deciding which among them to install.

Best Freeware Anti-Virus Applications for your Mac

The following are the reviews done on the top 5  free Mac antivirus softwares :

1. MacKeeper for Mac <link>

This free antivirus software for mac can handle with ease the routine tasks and keep Mac cleanup secured, fast, attended and reliable. It has a simple and powerful application for both beginners and experts alike.

Free Anti-Virus Sofware, Security Programs for Mac

It is equipped with clean-up utilities, cache cleaner, duplicates finder, logs cleaner, language cutter, old files finder, backup and data encryptor, default applications, login items, disk usage, shredder, wise uninstaller and online services Anti-Theft and Geek on Demand.

2. iAntivirus Free Edition <link>

Free Anti-Virus Sofware, Security Programs for Mac

This software protects  a Mac against cyber-threats trying to get entry into the Mac and steal personal information. It has a database which is designed to sense and delete Mac specific threats. This facilitates a high level of defense while keeping memory footprint and resource usage at a minimum.

3. Avast Antivirus for Mac <link>

It offers a shield against the latest malware, virus, Trojan horse, and spyware risks. Its virus definition and scanning abilities is always updated several times a day to make sure that Mac is protected at all times.

Free Anti-Virus Sofware, Security Programs for Mac

It has a native execution of virus database on Intel platform Macs with fast emulation on PowerPC of assembler-level parts, upgrades definition database while performing background scanning, multi-threaded scanning daemon and fail-safe updating architecture. It also has an incremental updating system that minimizes the size of update files, automatic regular scan, better customized scanning and no pop ups.

4. Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition <link>

This software is easy to install and simple to use. It keeps computer safe from viruses and other malware because of its full-feature antivirus. Once installed, it runs quietly at the background while working and makes custom scan to check which files should remain and which should be removed.

5. ClamXav for Mac <link>

This software updates virus definitions, shows logging results to a file, locates infected files into quarantine, monitors folder for the changes in their contents and uses a finder contextual menu item.

From Snaphow –

Finding a Data Recovery Service Provider

Author: Ong Li

The LED indicator light no longer works… there is a disturbing crackling noise emanating from the hard disk… accessing the hard disk is near impossible because it is unresponsive… these are all the telltale signs that your hard drive is spoilt. Sometimes all it takes is an accident —dropping the hard disk and causing ahead crash— to completely render the drive useless.

Your first instinct may be to rectify the problems on your own but you could be doing more damage if you do not possess the knowhow.  Your best bet would be to find a data recovery specialist. Yes, you would incur additional costs but you can enjoy the surety of getting your data back —if the damage is not too severe, of course.

Then comes the conundrum of having to find a reliable specialist. Data recovery service firms are a dime a dozen —not all of them are reputable. Here are some questions you can ask your vendors before deciding on one:

1)      What’s (and what’s not) in the price?

It is natural to want to seek the cheapest service. Now, cheap is not necessarily synonymous with mediocre. However, you will do well to probe your shortlisted vendors for their methods and the utilities they are using for data recovery. Are they using standard commercial utilities that even home users can get off the internet?

Also, what if they are unable to recover the data / only manage to partially recover it? Would you still be charged a fee? Get these details ironed out upfront.

2)      What is your policy on data confidentiality?

You could be using your hard drive to store all your important, classified business documents.  Would they outsource the assignment to other providers (this happens when they have a backlog of work)? Data leaks could happen as a result of this back and forth transferring.

3)      Do they have a clean room?

Dust particles are not visible to the naked eye but even a speck of it can contaminate your disk platter.  In the hard disk industry the clean room is a dedicated work area that is regulated in terms of air particles, temperature and humidity. This is where assembly processes are done too.

4)      What kind of qualifications or certifications do they have?

Knowing this is important because a rectifiable problem may become insurmountable in the hands of an inexperienced technician. Make sure you are dealing with qualified specialists.

5)      What do you mean by ‘a high success rate’?

Words like ‘best’, ‘most effective’, ‘90% success rate’ are just that: words. There is no way to verify the veracity of these claims —and if luck has it you might just fall into the 10% tier. Instead, ask your vendors about the success rate of recovering certain disk models. For example, the success rate of recovering data on a 2.5” notebook drive is higher than a 3.5” desktop drive. Know this so you would not inflate your expectations.

Be sure to ask these questions and make an informed decision before selecting a data recovery service provider.

Learn More About The Email Spam Filter Service

Author: Audrian Cambell

Technology has left its footprint on almost all things and digital communication is no exception. Email correspondence has stood apart as one of the primary mode of communications. However, email has its individual set of problems and issues that users need to deal with. And, one such issue lies in storing and archiving of emails for immediate and quick retrieval. As per a recent survey, email users are even faced with issues such as accessing and using emails from various devices, blocking spams, eradicating the attached viruses, slow email platforms and even much more. One of the incredible ways these staggering issues can be remedied is through the use of a seamless and cutting edge email archiving and email spam filter service. This is exactly where email archiving service on cloud is playing their part.

The newest trend is to keep all your business correspondence, information and business emails archived in the cloud. The goal is simple – to retrieve the emails efficiently and to block spams on its way, in a rather inexpensive way. If you are too nervous to click the delete option for spam mails, the seamless email spam filter service and email archiving solution provides a cutting edge solution.

The sheer range of operational and commercial benefits of email archiving system includes:

Improves efficiency as well as reliability of email systems while maximizing productivity
It offers a much faster data backup and recovery thus minimizing the downtime and exposure
Cloud based email archiving service also simplifies system management thus freeing up IT resources for further value added activity
It provides the utmost scope for increased data resilience with e mail stored in safe off site premise

With an effective email archiving service in place you would be in a much better position to avoid the legal disputes that may arise in failure of producing incessant flow business correspondences.
You can expect greater resource effectiveness and cost control

Any effective, seamless and cutting edge email archiving system gets woven into the corporate fabric and as things stand now, to be without it is next to unthinkable. And, if you are actually facing severe budget cuts in IT departments then it’s time to be proactive and bank on a cloud based email archiving service to make your business litigation ready.

Email spam filter service

Preserving your emails on the cloud has stood apart as a pretty cool choice for almost all small and midsized businesses. It is all about preserving and securing your business correspondences for smart and immediate retrievals. And with this cutting edge email spam filter service, both inbound as well as outbound emails gets transmitted from the corporate’s main server to the off premise cloud based archive through a secured gateway. This means there are zero chances of spam attacks.

To be honest, any effective email spam filters help in mitigating the risks of legal disputes. To link all the above points, organizations are only vulnerable if they have not put business correspondence and frameworks in place. In fact, if the organizations are wary of where the data are and can assess, search and retrieve responsively, then compliance can’t be a fear factor.


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